More and more Ecologic One move at a time.

Why notabrownbox?

By reusing moving boxes, we’re making the moving process more environmentally friendly while also reducing waste. Notabrownbox sets a new standard for moving boxes that can be reused up to 4 times.

Join us in our eco-conscious mission to transform the way we move and minimize our impact on the environment. Embrace sustainable moving with Notabrownbox today!

History unfold

How does it work?

Introducing top-quality cardboard moving boxes with guaranteed thickness into circulation. After each move, a quality check will be conducted. Can the box be reused? Fantastic! If not, it goes through the recycling process. This way, every box gains a unique ecological history.

Each box tells a green story of its own!

Reusable boxes for the moving industry
Nature will thank you

What’s the impact?

By making moving boxes sustainable and suitable for reuse, our aim is to create a positive impact on the climate. We’re dedicated to eliminating or reducing processes currently required for box production, such as cardboard bleaching and printing.

Notabrownbox also strives to shift the mindset of moving companies and their customers towards recycling, sustainability, and responsible waste management. Together, we’re shaping a greener future for the moving industry!

Reuse moving boxes and make a positive impact on the environment
150,000 boxes in circulation

Today there are 150,000 Notabrownbox boxes circulating worldwide. It’s a promising beginning, yet our ambitions soar higher. We require the support of all moving companies to rally behind this initiative.

80 tons of CO2 saved

Compared to recycled cardboard. 144 tons when compared to freshly manufactured cardboard.

100% sustainable

Notabrownbox is made from recycled materials. Reuse and recycle again. Creating a circular economy that leaves as little footprint as possible.